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What are our Product Lines? 
We are a company of many facets and strengths, but our primary focus has always been our Automatic Transmission parts. Today we have grown to be a premier manufacturer and supplier of Automatic Transmission Filters to Distributors, Re-packagers, Importers and Exporters in the United States and abroad. We take pride in knowing that the quality of our Filters are second to no one and that we can provide a competitive edge in price to all of our customers. We also manufacture Automatic Transmission Coolers, Servo-Pistons, Pump Gears and package Automatic Transmission Filter Kits. In addition to our flourishing line of Automatic Transmission parts, we have also expanded our product offering to include Engine Timing Kits, Ignition Cable Sets, Engine Coils, and Suspension Parts. We are constantly bringing new products to our warehouses and we want you to be able to get them into your hands as quickly as possible. So make sure to stay connected with us via our Website, Facebook, Newsletters, or any of the many streams of data we provide our customers  to stay up-to-date. 

How can you get one of our Catalogs? 

We are very proud of all of the products we manufacture and we would like to share our entire product offering  with you. It's for that reason that we have our catalog available in three different ways. 

1) You may view the entire catalog online digitally with no downloading required by simply clicking on the catalog cover to the right. Just contact us to be assigned your unique password ID.

2) Below you will find available a downloadable PDF of each of our product groups. Simply click on the product group you would like to view. Again, just contact us to be assigned your unique password ID for immediate access. 

3) Lastly, we know sometimes the feel and availability of a true hard catalog can't be overcome, that's why we always have catalogs available to ship straight to you! Simply contact us via telephone or email and we'll have one sent to you right away! Being within reach and having the information you need is our priority, so please don't hesitate to contact us at any time, just call 305-470-1800 or if you have any technical questions or need specific product information.  

JDS Worldwide is a world class manufacturer of Automatic Transmission, Engine, and Suspension parts.

​ Want to download our product line catalogs? It's easy, click on the image below and it will redirect you to our Auto Parts Control website. That is where our current and future customers as well as visitors can view our catalogs. If Visitors request information on a product we will redirect them to our loyal customers.