JDS Worldwide is a premier manufacturer and supplier of Automatic transmission, Engine, and Suspension parts. We are located in the heart of Miami’s Industrial and Business district which is a prime location to provide service to our global clients.  
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 Joseph De Santino


 Telephone: 305-470-1800

  Email: jdesantino@jdsworldwide.com
 Diosvel Lemus

  Product Manager

 Telephone: 305-470-1800 ext 306

  Email: productmgr@jdsworldwide.com
 Rosa Pereira

  Sales Manager

 Telephone: 305-470-1800 ext 304

 Email: Salesmgr@jdsworldwide.com
 Maria Zelaya

Purchasing Manager

 Telephone: 305-470-1800 ext 303

  Email: purchasing@jdsworldwide.com
 Yadira Sanchez

  Accounting Specialist

 Telephone: 305-470-1800 ext 302

  Email: accounting@jdsworldwide.com
 Javier Del Risco

  Marketing Manager

 Telephone: 305-470-1800 ext 305

 Email: digitalmarketing@jdsworldwide.com
 Giannina D'Madonna Pozzo

  Operations Director

 Telephone: 305-470-1800 ext 307
Email: operations@jdsworldwide.com
 Andres Rodriguez

  Warehouse Manager

 Telephone: 305-470-1800 ext 307
Email: warehousemgr@jdsworldwide.com
 Nestor Pineda


 Telephone: 305-470-1800

 Camila Pineda


 Telephone: 305-470-1800

The proliferation of automotive parts, brands and global manufacturing has created a level of disarray in today’s automotive industry. More than ever organizations have turned to International business for growth and expansion. In 2004, JDS Global was an organization developed out of the industry’s need to bring together the knowledge of each individual country, its culture, and its market potential. More importantly it came to know each country’s way of doing business, their individual distribution channels, the track history of each individual region in regards to financial status, credit worthiness and how to successfully export to each sector. This is not a process that can be done by combing through statistics or through external research, it is instead found by traveling and working with each of these markets to allow us to know them inside
and out.        
In October of 2005, a large Mexican manufacturing group purchased 70% of JDS, which gave it a new financial and manufacturing backbone and transformed it into
the JDS Worldwide Corp. of today. In 2007, Joseph De Santino, President of JDS Worldwide, purchased 100% of all financial investment and is today the sole owner and President of the company.
Our products range from Spark Plug Cables and Engine Coils to Timing Kits and Suspensions. JDS Worldwide is also recognized for its experience in the area of Automatic Transmission products, with our strength in providing Automatic Transmission Filters, Filter kits, Servo Pistons, Molded Pistons, Pump-
 Gears and Coolers at incredible prices.

We started with

a bold mission, and have grown to meet the needs of the Automotive Aftermarket Worldwide.



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